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nuage taaka beer spa

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nuage taaka beer spa
nuage taaka beer spa
nuage taaka beer spa
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Our team

Naomie & Paul

It is indeed time to introduce ourselves, the two founders of Taaka Beer Spa.

Naomie is our ray of sunshine. Always smiling, she manages all of Taaka’s Logistics and Finance. Of dual French-English nationality, she is a fan of tea and carrot cake. She is a lover of cocooning, well-being treatments and travel. For her, a good beer should be sweet and fruity.

Paul is a beer enthusiast. At 27, he is in charge of the Marketing and Commercial aspects of Taaka. Epicurean, he likes cooking and evenings with friends. He will never say no to a beer or two… It was during a romantic trip to Prague that he discovered the concept of Beer Spa and the means of combining his 2 passions: beer and pleasing Naomie. An idea was born…

Our Made in Alsace values

Defending the values ​​of Alsatian brewing culture is at the heart of our concept. This is why, from raw materials to bath linen, without forgetting beer and lemonade, we have selected small local partners with high quality services. Spending a convivial moment is the very definition of the world of beer and this is what we highlight in our spa, while adding this unforgettable and premium side, thanks to our unique and quality services. Obviously, well-being and relaxation are essential thanks to the natural virtues of malt, hops and brewer’s yeast on our body. Both purifying and revitalizing, the ingredients in beer have a positive effect on our bodies, improving our sleep and the quality of our skin, nails and hair.

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